Air purifiers are types of equipment that help in the removal of pollutants from the air. These devices are very helpful mostly to people suffering from allergies and asthma. They help get rid of smoke, therefore, useful to people who have smokers in their house. You might even purchase best air purifier for pet dander!

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Air Purifier Health Benefits

Pollen, dust, mold spores, dust mite feces and pet dander are allergens that are capable of triggering allergic reactions in sensitive people. Volatile organic compounds and smoke particles pose significant health risks. If vulnerable people are exposed to high levels of various components including organic volatile compounds and smoke particles, the possibility of experiencing the sick building syndrome are increased.
However, thanks to air purifiers, the sick building syndrome can be avoided. They capture a greater percentage of DNA damaging particulates, viruses, and bacteria. They will reduce the amounts of these contaminants in the air greatly helping asthmatic people and those suffering from allergies as well.

Important Features of Air Purifiers

Size, quality and air purifier filters are the most important features people should consider looking for when shopping for air purifiers. These features directly affect air purification performance and air filtration efficiency of air purifiers. These features determine the suitability and flexibility of air purifiers for certain operating conditions. Also, they affect the comfort and convenience in operation.

Speed Settings Control

These types of equipment are equipped with fan/motor assembly to deliver high and effective air flow. When running on high-speed settings, they produce the highest cleaning results. Unfortunately, high-speed settings produce the highest noise as opposed to low-speed settings which are silent. This, therefore, means that speed setting selections compromise between best air purification and quiet operations.

Space Saving Design

air purifierThis is the air purifier design that allows efficient operation while consuming a minimal space in the living area. Some air purifier space saving designs includes tower designed air purifiers, wall mounts, and the whole housing air purifiers.

Whole housing air purifiers have completely closed back panels and are placed close to the wall or in corners. For the tower designed air purifiers, they need to be used with elongated fans. The design provides challenging requirements by providing higher loads on motor bearings. This design is characterized by high vibration levels. With the wall mounting design, the air purifier needs to be thin and lightweight. This design affects the delivery of clean air in the house and the air purifier’s filtration efficiency may be compromised.