Buying A Good Air Purifier

air purifier designEffectiveness
A good number of HEPA air filters have the possibility of removing approximately 99.97% of small 0.3 micrometer particles. Inasmuch as they can remove small particles, they don’t function very consistently or effectively.

Method of Air Purification
A good number of air cleaners have severe limitations. For instance, air purifiers that use filters, including HEPA filters, only clean the nearby air leaving the rest of the house not purified. Besides, the air filters can breed bacteria and mold and can spread illness from bacteria and mold during filter replacement and maintenance.

Square Foot Coverage
Low priced air purifiers do not mean cost efficiency. On the contrary, most low price air cleaners can prove to be costly per square foot of purified area. Having this knowledge will enable an individual to determine whether a particular air purifier is worth spending some bucks.

Air purifiers are useful products that can be of great help especially for people with allergies and asthma. However, it is wise to conduct a thorough market research before buying an air purifier. This ensures that an individual buys the best air purifier available in the market and also the air purifier that meets the intended needs.